For non-emergency police response, call Prince George's County Dispatch at (301) 352-1200.

Capitol Heights Police Department
Administrative Offices

401 Capitol Heights Boulevard
Capitol Heights, Maryland 20743-2952

(301) 420-2444 (Phone) - Monday - Friday

(301) 352-1200 (Non-Emergency Number)
(301) 420-3187 (Fax)

The Town of Capitol Heights operates a Police Department for the safety and welfare of their residents. Our police department strives for excellence in protecting the best interest of the citizens of Capitol Heights.

The police department administrative office hours are Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Our offices are  closed to the public on weekends and holidays. In case of emergency dial 911. For non-emergency police response, please call Prince George's County Dispatch at (301) 352-1200.

Police Chief Anthony Ayers, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




(Capitol Heights, MD) -The Capitol Heights Police Department is offering Ink and Electronic Fingerprinting services,

We will offer services during our normal business hours on Monday - Fridays from 9:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. To find out more information regarding these services improved and applicable fees call the Capitol Heights Police Department at (301) 420-2444.

This is a link to the Live Scan Form required for fingerprinting services. Applicants are encouraged to complete this for prior to obtaining services to reduce the wait time and ensure the correct completion of required information.



The Capitol Heights Police Department Explorer program is open to young men and women between the ages 14 to 21 with an interest in learning more about careers in the field of law enforcement. This program provides educational training for young adults on the purposes, mission, and objectives of law enforcement, both physically and mentally.

If you would like to make a contribution, donation or request more information in reference to our Explorer Post, please contact Officer L. White by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (301) 420-2444.



Chief(Capitol Heights, MD) – On November 26, 2012 at 8:00 p.m., The Town Council officially swore in Anthony Ayers as the new Chief of Police. Chief Ayers has been serving in the capacity as Acting Chief since May 2012.

Ayers joined the Capitol Heights Police force in November 2011, as Deputy Chief of Police and during his tenure he has focused on Community Policing and Joint Agency Group (JAG) missions in the Town. He has over 20 years of Community Policing experience with Prince George’s County and the Prince George’s Sheriff Department. During his time with the County, Chief Ayers worked with neighborhood groups and community members in Capitol Heights and is highly familiar with the issues that affect inner beltway communities.

“I have always worked in this area, and I look forward to continuing working with the community and the Town Council to make Capitol Heights a safer place to live, work and call home” commented Chief Anthony Ayers.

“On Monday night, we formally welcomed Anthony Ayers as Chief, He knows our community and I wish him the best as he further establishes himself in our Town”, stated Michelle Bailey-Hedgepeth, Town Administrator. “As a Town we are moving forward to provide quality services to our residents and I believe that Chief Ayers will be a big part of this plan, I am excited about the future of Capitol Heights”, further commented Bailey-Hedgepeth.



Chief Anthony L. Ayers, Sr., of the Capitol Heights Police Department will start a fitness program called “Biking with the Chief,” beginning Wednesday, July 9, 2014 and will continue the program the second and forth Wednesdays of each month. Citizens can meet with the Chief and ride for an hour through the Town. This activity encourages fitness, as well as giving the Chief time to talk with citizens about safety and crime issues. For more information, contact the Capitol Heights Police Department at (301) 420-2444.


SPEED REDUCTION PROGRAM : Chamber Avenue - August 2012

In an effort to keep our children safe, the Capitol Heights Police Department began its Speed Reduction Program on Chamber Avenue.

This route is traveled by school age children that have to walk to and from our area schools. The first phase of the Speed Reduction Initiative was to determine the average speed the vehicles were traveling on Chamber Avenue. During the study, by an independent contractor, it was documented that vehicles were traveling way over the posted speed limit. The information collected confirmed the need to move to the next phase.

During the second phase, portable speed-monitoring displays were installed on both sides of Chamber Avenue. Speed-monitoring units displayed the posted speed and digitally displayed the traveling vehicles actual speed. Each unit showed the vehicle operator how fast he or she was traveling over the posted speed limit. Phase two lasted for two weeks and was effective.

Phase three will consist of the installation of two Automated Speed Enforcement Systems on Chamber Avenue. This phase will help reduce the speeding and allow our school age children, residents and visitors a safe avenue to travel.

The Capitol Heights Police Department is committed to providing a safe and orderly community. With this initiative our streets will be safe for all of our residents and visitors.

Please contact the Capitol Heights Police Department for more information at (301) 420-2444.

For complaints and concerns contact the program ombudsman Ms. W. Hamer at (301) 420-2444 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Speed Monitoring Systems will be conducted throughout the below locations

The Town will move cameras around two zones, each of which surrounds an elementary school. The schools that will be affected by the cameras are: Capitol Heights Elementary School and Doswell E. Brooks Elementary School.

The cameras can be moved depending on traffic volume and resident complaints.

The main thoroughfares within the zones are:

Suffolk Ave. from Old Central Ave. to Bend Street and

Chamber Ave. from Old Central Ave. to Dole Street.


Capitol Heights Police Department joins, the National Crime Map

Citizens have free access to neighborhood crime data through the Capitol Heights PD website and iPhone app

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, MD—August 16, 2012 :The Capitol Height Police Department is pleased to announce that citizens can now gain access to neighborhood level crime incident data in near real time.

“Providing reliable, timely information to our citizens is one of our top priorities, because an informed public is a safer public,” says Acting Chief Anthony Ayers. “Partnering with Public Engines gives us the ability to keep the public informed on a regular basis as to what is going on in the community.”

The public can access the free crime data through or through the CrimeReports iPhone app, available for free download in the Apple iTunes store. The new service even lets local citizens sign up for free customizable email updates, so they can monitor crime in their neighborhood. “Information is power,” Acting Chief Ayers added. “And we hope that giving the community this information will help them understand crime trends and lower crime in their neighborhoods.”


Identity Theft Protection

Everyday millions of Americans discover that a criminal had fraudulently used their personal information to obtain sensitive data becoming victims of identity theft. If you or someone you know have been a victim of identity theft and would like information on how to prevent and protect your identity please visit